Help, we have no experience in front of the camera!

No problem at all, you don't need any. The secret ingredients for great photos are a bucket of fun and a bit of trust. I am not going to put you into awkward poses, instead, I let you move around and be you. Therefore, everything is allowed! Running hand in hand, piggybacking your partner or simply looking deep into each other's eyes and say nothing.

What clothes should we wear?

The questions of all questions - especially among us girls 🙂 Most important, you should feel comfortable. Whom do you wanna see when you get to see your photos? One little advice though, make sure you choose natural colors and that your clothes are not dominated by huge letters or logos as this is too much of a visual distraction. However, be creative! Everything is allowed - from denim jacket over wool sweater to a cool long dress. Feel free to bring several outfits and we gonna decide together.

What time is the best to shoot?

The higher the sun, the less favorable the light. Thus, in the summer months, I prefer shooting towards sunset or if you're funny, towards sunrise (keyword Golden Hour). In the winter months we are more flexible as the sky tends to be cloudier which provides a softer light.

Where does the shooting take place?

In the are of Munich I know some beautiful places right in the nature. I am down for anything, I would LOVE to shoot up the mountain!
At weddings, I usually visit the location in advance and explore the area that I know exactly where I wanna shoot you. Besides, I'm a big fan of home stories, so why not shoot at your place? With your favorite cup in the kitchen. Or underneath the knitted blanket of your grandma.

Can we book you outside of Munich as well?

Hell, yeah!! I love, love, love traveling and I love to take photos in new places. Whether by the sea, in the mountains or deep in the country - I am with you! I already got lucky to shoot across the world... Norway, New York, Cape Town, Mallorca... what could be next? You tell me :-)

How long do we have to wait for our photos?

A couple shooting takes in general 2-3 weeks. Weddings take a little longer, especially in high season. Here, you get your photos after 4-6 weeks. However, anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy, right?

Are we allowed to post your photos on social media?

Absolutely! This is a wonderful compliment for every photographer! 🙂
However, I kindly ask you not to make any changes to the editing, as the photos otherwise do not reflect my handwriting. Bonus: if you tag me I am even happier!

Are you retouching the photos?

Yes and no. Authenticity is very important to me. To a certain extent, I will retouch. Means, should a blackhead sneak into your face overnight, then of course, I will remove it.

We have special requests concerning the editing style of the pictures.

The way I edit your photos represents my artistic handwriting and is as crucial as taking the photos. If you want photos in more pastel colors, then I'm probably not the right photographer for you. If I feel that you trust me completely - both during the shoot and in the post process, we will achieve the best results. Promise!

Do you also shoot families?

Oh I love shooting families! Whether newborn, toddlers or large families. I love to fill you family album with authentic, real photos of your family. Each family is individual, so is yours - I wanna document exactly this. To get an impression, shoot me a message and I'll send you a gallery. One thing to say, I won't come with massive, artificial backgrounds and also won't put your baby into cheesy positions. I want to capture YOU, how YOU are as a wonderful team.

Is it possible to get the RAW files?

No :-)